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Inducted: 09/01/2007




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As a “founding member” of CALLERLAB, Flippo could well be the most consistent traveler in the history of the activity. For several decades, between early fall and mid-sprin he has averaged five nights of calling per week throughout North America doing one-nighters and occasionally serving as staff caller for week-end and week-long square dance vacation institutes.

Like the proverbial postman who takes a walk on his day off, Marshall spends the last spring and summer months as staff caller at Kirkwood Lodge, Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.

A dancer, trying to explain how Flippo manages to keep so busy throughout the year explains, “He wears well!”

And, while that may be an understatement, he indeed possesses the ability to please an audience, big or small. This is born out by the fact that a majority of Flip’s engagements are repeats, year after year.

Flippo and Necca, whom he married in 1949, took up square dancing in 1951 and he started calling in 1952. In 1958 the Flippos joined with three other couples in Abilene, Texas, and built the Wagon Wheel Square Dance Hall. In 1961 Marshall was signed on as resident caller at Kirkwood Lodge and in 1973 the Flippos became co-owners of the enterprise.

He has been successful as a recording caller with his rendition of the “Auctioneer” on Blue Star establishing a new high in square dance record sales. Over the years his sales on Blue Star, and more recently, on Chaparral have been most noteworthy.

His travel calling has taken him to many areas around the globe and his contributions to the world of square dancing have been many. He has served on CALLERLAB’s Board of Governers and in 1970 was inducted into the Square Dance Hall of Fame.