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Al "Tex"




Inducted: 09/01/2007




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Al "Tex" Brownlee started calling in his home town, Jacksboro, Texas in 1948 for a new club called "Circle 60". There were only 60 people in the club.

He and Jean moved to Odessa, Texas in 1951 where he introduced the Western Style Square Dancing to the public. He organized several TV Shows to advertise and started several clubs.

He began to travel and went full time pro in 1957. He was one of the callers on the first Texas State Convention held in Dallas in 1962. He called State Conventions in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Hawaii, Alaska Minnesota, Michigan, Louisina, Texas and Florida.He
traveled across the states some 46 times.

In 1968 he took the appoint of Director at Fontana Dam, North Carolina. He and Jean developed it into the Square Dance Capital of the world. He retired there in 1988 after 20 years service.

He has recorded on Dash, Lightning "S", Thunderbird and Blue Star record labels.




AL passed away in February, 2008. His Hall Of Fame award was proudly displayed by his casket for all to see. It was the crowning jewel in his lonmg career and he was very happy to be selected for such an honor. His wit will be missed. Rest well, dear friend.
Jon Jones & Deborah Carroll-Jones

I met Tex at the Rebel Roundup at Fontana Village, NC. It was around 1984 or 1985; my wife Kathy and I were invited as guest callers. It was a great festival, I don’t remember all the callers names (please forgive me), but we had legends like Tex Brownlee, Bob Baker, Johnny Creel and Bill Volner. It was a great learning experience for me!

It lasted several days, and at night we had a live band, a building with flow through mountain air, and big crowds of dancers from many states. We had several good after parties, Tex’s pal George "Chuck" Borella, also known as Old Buster was there. Bob Baker had taught me to Square Dance and I knew Chuck from work.

I was not used to a live band, so Tex would sneak up behind me with a trumpet, or pull the plug on my mike during a duet with Kathy.

The highlight of the festival for me was when Kathy was asked to fill in for a member of a quartet of callers, because he was ill. Bill Volner fired up “I’ll Fly Away” backed up by Johnny Creel, Kathy and a caller from Ohio with a great voice (I could kick myself for forgetting his name). Bill’s rhythmic, driving delivery and the blend of voices was perfect, I saw people get happy, a southern term for in the Spirit.

I loved getting to know Tex, what a special person!

Now a retired caller, Charlie Coffey, Knoxville, TN