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Inducted: 04/18/2008




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The Luttrells, Melton and his wife, Sue started square dance lessons in the Fall of 1949 in Eastland, Texas. Before the classes ended, Melton announced that he wanted to become a caller. In 1950, he started guest calling at clubs in his area, and in the summer of that year, the Luttrells attended Herb Greggerson’s school for callers in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Returning home, he started calling in earnest and within the next year , he had regular calling dates in four neighboring cities.

It soon became obvious that Melton enjoyed teaching as much as calling. Since his first classes, he has taught an estimated twelve thousand people to square dance. As a home-club caller he has created a spirit of friendliness and cooperation in his neighboring square dance activities. He has been club caller for all his clubs for more than twenty years, three of them for thirty-three years.

Melton designed and managed Swingtime Center, one of the nation’s finest square dance facilities, and he currently serves as president of the corporation that owns and manages the Center. As a recording artist (Square-L Records) he has produced a number of “hits”. As a traveling caller he has covered a good part of North America as well as England, New Zealand, Australia.

As a Charter member of CALLERLAB, Melton has served on its Board of Governors and been a member of the Executive Committee.

In October, 1977, Melton was inducted into Bob Osgood's Sets In Order Square Dance Hall Of Fame.

He has encouraged young callers coming into the field of square dancing, but he takes a realistic approach to the activity, believing that square dancing is not for everyone. He avoids pushing any dancer into club leadership or to a point beyond which he or she wishes to go. His theory is to let the dancer enjoy the activity.