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Inducted: 06/14/2008




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C. O. Guest, like most of us, was introduced to Square Dancing through friends and began dancing in the spring of 1955.
He began learning to call in 1956 and has been calling full time since 1961. At the present time he calls for two local clubs in the Dallas area. He teaches three to four beginner classes each year and really gets a lot of satisfaction and pleasure out of teaching and watching the new dancer’s progress.
He also travels extensively in the interest of square dancing, booking week-end dances out of town and making four extended tours each year lasting from ten days to three weeks. These tours have covered most of the United States.
C. O. produces and records on the KALOX Label and some of his most popular recordings are: “False Hearted Girl”, “Somebody’s Pushing”, “Jose”, “Bummin’ Around”, and “Mary Ann”.
C. O. is a Life Member of the North Texas Callers Association, and twice past President. He is on the Board of Governors of CALLERLAB and also serves as Chairman of the Record Tune Clearing House.
C. O. has conducted many Caller Training Schools and enjoys working with and helping new callers.