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Inducted: 06/14/2008




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Norman F. Merrbach was born in the Meyersdale - Salisbury, PA area, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Merrbach. Along with his wife Nadine, they were early round dance teachers and instructors and founders of Blue Star Records. He was the owner and operator of Merrbach Record Services of Houston, Texas who had many different labels, all of which were devoted to square and round dance music. He was the caller in Warner Brothers 1973 production of "The Thief Who Came To Dinner". He died at 78 on June 1, 1989..Moved to Houston from Pennsylvania shortly after WWII with Gulf Oil
Started calling in 1948, started recording business with Blue Star Records shortly after.
Worked primarily with Cal Lambert and Red Donaghe and live bands in the Houston area.
Had an inside with city of Houston and rented the Sam Houston coliseum for dances.
Marshall Flippo was big name on Blue Star in 1950 (ish)
Owned numerous labels: Blue Star, Bogan, Rocking A, Petticoat Patter, and others.
Was instrumental in helping Rhythm Records get started in 1975.
Was the primary source for square dance calling supplies for many years.
Callers who began their recording career with Norman include:
Marshall Flippo, Frank Lane, Ken Bower, Wade Driver, Johnny Creel, Red Donaghe;
Cal Lambert, Red Warwick, Lem Gravelle & many others.
Basically, Norman was Mr. Square Dance in the Houston area for almost 50 years.