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Inducted: 04/4/2009




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Harper stated calling in 1950. Harper was a long time accredited member of the North Texas Callers Association. He was one of the original 100 callers forming Callerlab in 1978. The objective of the lab was to standardize the dance figures so that they would be done the same everywhere. At one time there were as many as 2500 participating callers at the annual meeting.
Harper was on the calling staff in Colorado of institutes at Lightning S Ranch, Fun Valley, Peaceful Valley and Lighted Lantern and in Missouri at Kirkwood Lodge for 30 years. He called in 41 states and Canada.
He taught short courses at the University of Florida for three years in conjunction with the Florida Callers Association.
Harper with his brother Ray created the Smith Brothers Institute which lasted 37 years.
This was a full weekend of lessons and dance.
Harper was honored at his retirement on June 10, 1994 at Lee Park Recreation Center in Irving, where Jon Jones was the Master of Ceremony.
Harper recorded 27 square dance records for KALOX. One of his most popular records was the “Grand Colonel Spin” recorded in the early 70’s featuring the figure the “grand spin” set to the music of the Bridge on the River Kwai.